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April 13, 2016

Easter Holidays

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Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday, even tough the weather wasn’t great. I had a rather wet time in the Lake District, where I saw Dawud and Eesa at Lake Windermere! Luckily, we had one sunny day where we walked up to Claife Heights and actually walked 21,000 steps! The views were fabulous from the top. On Friday, we spent a lovely day up at Cragside House, where we had a picnic, walked upto the lakes and Axel enjoyed a barefoot walk over rocks and through the freezing cold mud. I’d love to know what you did, so write your blog here! Mrs Hagemann

October 10, 2015

My summer holaday

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On the first week of the holaday our french friend called antoine came round. We went to the Sunderland air show. It was great there was a sea king and life boat doing there routine, red arrows doing amzing stunts there was a jet that was flying with its nose up and the plane its self was going along sideways and there was 2 jets and what thay had done was thay set up something like mines and the first time thay went round all the car alarms went of! We also went swimming at the lake side center and it was great we had a great week and I’m shour he did to but wen he left my face was:( We had a a great 6 weeks then we went to Centre Parcs! It was great there is a subropial swimming pool, lucureas loges and I am not going to spoil all the fun.

(we got a Macdonalds on the  way)

Is anyone else thincing of going to centre parcs whinfell forest?

My York holiday

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The first night we just whent to pollination at a pub then we whent back to the pod.  Oh did I not menchn I was in a pod.

September 16, 2015

My swimming trip with my grandad

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At the start of the holiday I went on a swimming trip with my grandad.When I got there I just want to go straight into the pool at first I went on a big slide and it even went outside.Afterthat I started to try and swim.I olso had a good go on everything else.

Do you like to swim?

My trip to Beamish Museum

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Hello!I’m Nicholas and I’m going to talk to you about my trip to Beamish Museum.

I went there with my grandad and I hopped on trams for a ride to the town exhibit and I did it at the end of the summer holidays.

At the town,we had a look in the houses like J. Jones dentist and Dr.Watson solicitors.Then we headed for the fish and  chip shop at the colliery village.We both shared our fish and chips.It  was delicious.

After all that messing around at the pid village,We went to Pockerley Old Hall.We took a  stroll through a lovely garden and there was some pretty plants.

Did you know  that  this museum was all about living 100 years ago?

My holiday by Dawud

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In my holidays I went to cragside park with my uncle.

When we were at cragside we had a little brunch at a small table near a beautiful lake,and for our little brunch we had; Tuna sandwiches,Strawberrys and crisps.

Next we went to the flower garden and smellt some flowers.

After that we bought some packets of pumpkin seeds.

The day after that we went to Seahouses beach.In Seahouses we were trying to get wet but we couldn’t

Next we made some sand castles and while they were building sand castles I was realaxing in a sand ditch.

Then we went to a fish and chip shop and had some fish and chips.

Well that’s my holiday;what was yours?

My Summer Holidays

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I had lots of fun destroying the solar system. That’s not all! I went on a holiday trip to Filey and this is top 3 things I did! No.3 I had a movie night as we watched dispicable me. No.2 I went to the beach and ran from one side of a big pond to the other. No.1 I went on my scooter and went over a speed bump! What did you do in the summer holidays?

September 6, 2011

Welcome to 3/4H!

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A very warm welcome to the new school year. I hope you all had a really great Summer, whether you spent time chilling out in your back garden , lazing in the house or jet setting off to somewhere exotic! Tell me all about what you’ve been up to and maybe any plans you have in the near future. I’ve had a really good rest, although I’ve been busy decorating my kitchen and have been to Centre Parcs in Holland with my little boy. We had a great time; swimming, cycling, eating and shopping! Well, I hope we all have a really good year together and I look forward to hearing all your news via your posts!







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